PLEASE look through our Frequently Asked Questions before contacting us, or type some keywords into the search box above – ‘table hire’ for example.

After running the boot sale for over 18 years, we are very used to hearing the same questions again and again. It is highly unlikely that your question is not answered on our FAQ page.

Please read our terms & conditions prior to booking.

FIRST TIME SELLER – general guidance
Can I bring a gazebo?
Is payment secure?
How can I change my registered vehicle?
How large can my bag be for a walk in pitch?
How do I book more than one pitch?
Do you change the opening times in Winter?
Do you hire out tables?
How do I book a pitch?
I want a £20 pitch but there are only £35 left. Why can’t you make it £20 for me?
General Rules
Everyone says it’s very busy, how many buyers can I expect to see?
I transferred my pitch to another week but now I want it back.
I have an emergency situation, can I cancel later than Thursday?
Do you have a cancellation policy?
Can I cancel my pitch if it’s raining?
What if it rains?
Are there ever cancelled pitches available at late notice?
Can I smoke whilst onsite?
Where can I dispose my unsold goods at the end of the day?
Do I need a car to have a pitch?
What about fake goods, CD’s, DVD’s etc?
Can I unload my car and go home for more goods?
I’m a bit nervous, will someone help me to park?
Do I need a ‘trade’ ID to come in and buy at 11.30am?
Is the boot sale accessible to wheelchair users?
Are there toilets on site?
Can I leave early?
What time does it end?
What happens when I book?
Can I cancel my booking?
Do I need a table or a rail?
Can you advise on pricing our goods?
What shall I bring, what sells, what doesn’t sell?
I’ve booked a 12.30pm pitch. Can I come in early to look around?
Shall I arrive early to queue up?
Can I book further in advance as I’m going on holiday/can’t get online etc?
My goods won’t fit in one car, can we bring in extra goods from my friend’s car parked outside?
My car has broken down, can I bring a different car?
Can my partner/friend come with me?
Do I need to bring anything else?
Can we sell alcohol?
Can I sell food? I’ve made some cakes etc..
Can I bring my dog?
I’m bringing a van instead, is that OK?
I’m hiring a car so won’t have the vehicle details until Saturday, Can I still book?
Can I choose where I park and set up?
What if I am running late, will I lose my space?
Will my friends be charged to come in if they come along later to help me?